Craftsman - April 2017

Brothers and Sisters, Spring has sprung. The grass is green, the flowers have bloomed, and the spring storms of Texas are inevitable. While working the spring storms, always work as safe as possible and watch your brothers back. Congratulations to the last group of Journeymen to make Troublemen. As a new Troubleman, if there is ever a question in your mind on the work to be performed, never hesitate to call on a brother for advise before making a decision you are not completely comfortable with. If the job is not already dangerous enough the Company is utilizing office personnel to troubleshoot after a storm. We recently had a WDOC Troubleman work a ticket from the WDOC that instructed him to close in a cut out. When the Troubleman closed the cut out to energize the primary, a flash occurred because there was wire down. After investigating the matter it was discovered the work order was turned in by an office worker. The Union has filed a grievance on the matter but, in the meantime watch your back. The Union has pleaded with the Company at our quarterly safety meetings not to send office personnel to work in the field after storms. The Company continues to send unqualified Oncor workers into the field to assist in power restoration after a storm. The Union has told the Company they are playing a dangerous game and will get someone injured or killed if this practice continues. Do not let this be you. Do not trust any work order turned in by an office worker during or after a storm.  

I would like to thank everyone that took the time to attend a Unit Meeting this month. The unit meetings are vitally important to the continued success of our organization. At the meetings we can communicate about the work issues that face us on a daily basis, like the Company using office personnel to troubleshoot during and after storms.

I would elaborate on the failure of the NextEra deal except, it is too painful. The word is Berkshire Hathaway could be in the picture or Oncor could be a stand-alone company. The good news is the Hunts are not in the picture to buy Oncor. The bad news is if Oncor is made to be a stand-alone company, the same management that has decided to utilize office people to shoot trouble will still be in charge. At this point I do not know anyone that knows what will happen with Oncor. Please continue to stay focused and work safe so we can go home each day to our families and loved ones.

Until next time may God bless you, your family, and our Local Union.

Posted on April 26, 2017 .

Craftsman Article - March 2017

Brothers and Sisters the 85th Legislature is in and not surprisingly the rights of Texas Unions are under attack. Bills to do away with prevailing wages, Project Labor Agreements, dues check-off, hiring freeze, pensions,  you name it, it has been filed. The Texas AFL-CIO will soon be asking for a call to action explaining the action and how you can participate with a phone call, email, Face Book post etc. etc. Let’s get involved IBEW Local 69 Members!

This March we had two (2) employees in the bargaining unit laid off at WFAA-TV. Mr. Rodney Kyle was one of the effected employees. Rodney wrote an email to our local union that I thought should be shared. “I want to offer my gratitude for the grievance offer but I have decided to take the severance pay and exit out the back door. This is my second experience with losing my job with a television station and I have seen enough. I will move forward and design a new life while I have good energy in my body.

It is amazing to me that Republican candidates and conservative media have convinced union members to vote against their own best interest to lower wages and eliminate jobs. There is a specific reason unions were created and if this present climate continues our children and grandchildren will suffer without earning decent wages and benefits.” Take care, Rodney Kyle.

On March 27th, the Union and Company had our first quarter meeting to discuss Safety, Staffing, and Health Benefits. Later that day we had a grievance meeting at Vice President - Keith Hull’s level. We will discuss both of these meetings at our upcoming unit meetings scheduled for the month of April.  You can go to our web site at and see the schedule for the unit meetings. I look forward to seeing everyone that can attend a meeting.

Tuesday – April 4 – Waco – 5 pm

Wednesday – April 5 – Salado – 5 pm

            Thursday – April 6 – Jacksonville – 5 pm


            Tuesday – April 11 – Brownwood – 5 pm

            Wednesday – April 12 – Snyder – 5 pm

            Thursday – April 13 – Odessa – 6:30 pm


            Tuesday – April 18 – Wichita Falls – 5 pm

            Wednesday – April 19 – Bonham – 5 pm

            Thursday – April 20 – Lewisville – 5 pm


            Tuesday – April 25 – Dallas – 5 pm

            Thursday – April 27 – Fort Worth – 5 pm


Until next time may God bless you, your family, and our Local Union. 

Posted on April 4, 2017 .