Craftsman - May 2016

                                    May 2016 Craftsman Article


Brothers and Sisters I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day Holiday. Memorial Day is an American Holiday observed on the last day of May. On Memorial Day Americans honor the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. Military. In 1961 the IBEW Local 69 contract had five (5) holidays in it. The holidays were New Year’s Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas. It was negotiated for Memorial Day to be added to the 1962 Labor Agreement. Thank God for all the men and women that gave all to their country and the men and women that supported organized labor and fought for the benefits we enjoy today.

On or about Friday, May 6, 2016, a crew from the Graham, Texas, Service Center was performing work on a pole where the conductors were de-energized but, not grounded. The Lineman was told by the Crew Supervisor he did not have to wear his rubber sleeves while performing the job, he would only need his rubber gloves. The Manager of the center drove up on the job and demanded the Lineman put on his sleeves. The Lineman worked the remainder of the day and the following Monday. At the end of the day Monday the Lineman was sent home on crisis suspension. The Crew Supervisor was sent home Tuesday on crisis suspension because, he was on rest time Monday. The Union is waiting on the outcome of the investigation to make the appropriate moves to protect our member. Advise your Crew Supervisors of this incident and ask them to go to our web site at and fill out the Representation Form to gain Union representation.

The Union is in the process of scheduling the second quarter meetings with the Company. If you have any concerns regarding safety, work practices, or any other issues that need to be addressed with the Directors of Distribution please relay yours concerns to any of the Union Committee Members. The Committee is as follows;  Ross McAuley, James Chapman, Charlie Jackson, Ronnie Killion, Rodney Deleon, Justin Snyder, Don Gray, Joe Marquez, and Bobby Reed.

The saga of the sale of Oncor goes on. Your guess is as good as mine on who the new owners will be. Our attorney stated the sale will continue the rest of the year. Don’t worry be happy, God is in control!

Until next time may God bless you, your family, and our Local Union.

Posted on June 7, 2016 .

April 2016 Craftsman

                        Craftsman Article April 2016


Brothers and Sisters I would like to thank everyone that took the time to attend a unit meeting in April. The Unit Meetings allow us to come together and discuss issues and concerns that we have in the work place. Many times work related issues go under the radar because members feel intimidated or believe their concerns only affect them. The Unit Meetings are a great avenue to communicate what goes on in the real world. After this round of unit meetings it is obvious the Company is not calling the entire on call crew for call outs. This means we must negotiate stand by pay in the future. If you become aware of a call out that the entire crew is not called out to work, please send me an email with the facts (ie) Date, Service Center, Employees, how many hours worked etc. etc.

 At the Unit Meetings there were plenty of discussions regarding the sale of Oncor. Most of you have probably read that the Hunt’s want a do over at the PUC. The Hunt’s are trying to change the terms of the agreement reached at the PUC a month ago. The Hunt’s filed a formal request for a rehearing. The PUC staff filed a statement that the Hunt’s separate application for a rate setting procedure failed to meet legal requirements necessary to allow the sale to go forward. EFH has until June 30th to pull the plug on the deal.

 President, Ross McAuley and I went to the Utility Conference at the end of March. We were able to talk with the union leadership from Florida Power, which is one of the companies owned by NextEra. We exchanged contracts and had healthy conversations. The one thing I have not found in the contract given to me is a DOT position or one similar. Talking to other union leaders in the utility industry I have been unable to find companies with a DOT position or one similar. Oncor has expanded the position of DOTs to reduce bargaining unit members. A Distribution Operations Technician, at Oncor Electric Delivery, is a glorified Troubleshooter. If you have not talked to the DOTs at your service center about filling out a Representation Form on our web site at, please take time to do so.

On May 8th we will celebrate Mother’s Day. Do not forget to go see her, call her, to thank her for everything. If you have lost your mom say a prayer that day for having the Mother you had, I believe she is listening.

Until next time may God bless you, your family, and our Local Union.

Posted on June 7, 2016 .