Local 69 is an organization that relies on member's support and involvement for strength. The more active the members are, the stronger the union is.

Local 69 represents over 1000 members working in the Utility and Broadcasting industries.

Our members work in all phases of the industry- electrical utilities, television and communications systems.

The next time you relax at home in front of the television, stop for a moment and remember the workers who made America's favorite pastime possible.

IBEW Communication Workers work behind the scenes to insure that your television is there for you and the IBEW Utility Workers ensure the electricity that powers your house goes uninterrupted. In a field of continuing changes in technologies, IBEW members stay on top.

The greatest electrical system and communication system in the world is no accident. IBEW members have been there from the beginning; erecting poles, stringing lines, and bringing the world into your home. IBEW members have been there doing quality work.

The IBEW represents employees at:

  • 83% of all the organized utilities in the United States and Canada
  • 70% of the organized investor-owned utilities
  • 96% percent of the organized rural electric cooperative utilities
  • 76% of the organized municipal utilities
  • 100% of all organized federal government utilities