Craftsman Article - March 2018

Brothers and Sisters Spring has sprung. This is a great time of the year. I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter.

The NW Communications of Texas, Inc. (KDFW TV) and IBEW Local 69 Labor Agreement is due to expire June 30, 2018. The Union is in the process of replacing Jack Gwyn on the Union Negotiating Committee. Jack is recovering from back surgery. If you have any comments or suggestions for the upcoming contract negotiations contact your shop steward or email me.

Oncor Electric Delivery and IBEW Local 69 are due for contract negotiations later this year. It appears Oncor has a new owner. Sempra Energy has purchased the 80% of Oncor that EFH owned for $9.45 billion. I know many of you have expressed a desire to have a new owner and new culture at Oncor.

On March 5, 2018, the Union Committee met with the Company Committee to discuss Safety and Health, Benefits, and Labor Management. It is painfully obvious that we are still just a number and safety is just a word. The Company gave a presentation on safety that showed we had one (1) lost time injury. The Company had no details on the accident. The Union had to bring up the fact that more employees are having guns pointed at them. The Company had no information on the employee at the Athens Service Center that had a weapon pulled on him. It appears safety is just a word until it affects the budget or Management’s PEP Bonuses. The Company continues to send Apprentices alone on Service Trucks and calls it training. The Union continues to express to the Company what a dangerous practice this is, it can’t be training if there is no one there to train you. The grievance the Union has regarding office personnel performing bargaining unit work was being scheduled for arbitration. The Company has requested we go to Mediation on that grievance before arbitration. The Union has agreed to go to mediation on the grievance before arbitration.

April is a month for Unit Meetings. Below is a schedule for the April Unit Meetings.

April 3 – Tuesday - Waco – 5 pm – George’s – 1925 Speight Ave.

April 4 – Wednesday - Round Rock – 5 pm – Long Branch Saloon – 107 W Main St.

April 5 – Thursday - Tyler – 5 pm – Garage Bar – 418 E Erwin St.


April 10 – Tuesday - Brady – 5 pm – The Locker - 109 N Church St, Brady, TX 76825

April 11 – Wednesday - Stanton – 5 pm – Location to be determined

April 12 – Thursday - Odessa – 6:30 pm – Elegante Hotel – 5200 E University


April 17 – Tuesday - Wichita Falls – 5 pm – Oyster Bar – 4214 Kell Blvd.

April 18 – Wednesday - McKinney – 5 pm – Tight Ends Sports Bar & Grill – 5584 State Hwy 121,

                                                                         Plano 75024

April 19 – Thursday - Sulpher Springs – 5 pm – Muddy Jakes – 229 Main St. 75482


April 27 – Tuesday - Dallas – 5 pm – 1408 N Washington Suite 210

April 25 – Wednesday - Corsicana – Location to be determined

April 26 – Thursday - Fort Worth – 5 pm – Oyster Bar – 4750 Bryant Irvin Rd.


I look forward to seeing everyone that can attend a meeting. We can discuss our safety concerns and other on the job issues.

Until next time may God bless you, your family, and IBEW Local 69.


Posted on March 27, 2018 .

Craftsman Article February 2018

Welcome back to all the brothers that went to Puerto Rico to restore power. I was very pleased to hear there were no injuries and everyone returned in good health. I pray the second wave of IBEW Local 69 members going to Puerto Rico to work returns healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Last year, IBEW Representatives were trying to schedule steward training for all interested IBEW members that could attend a meeting at Local 20’s Hall.  They are located at 680 West Tarrant Road in Grand Prairie. The person conducting the training had medical issues and the training was put on hold. It looks as if the steward training has been rescheduled for Saturday, April 28th at 9:00 am. I will relay any information we receive on the training the closer we get to the date. If you are interested in the steward training scheduled for April 28th please email the office so I can send a head count to the International Representative.

This year Fox 4, WFAA-TV, and Oncor are up for contract negotiations. If you have any ideas or areas of concern regarding contract negotiations please contact your shop steward so we can address those issues at the negotiating table. If Oncor has not been sold and remains in bankruptcy proceedings, we will probably be looking at another contract extension. I have no new information regarding the sale of Oncor, if you do let me hear it.

We have an arbitrator selected for the grievance regarding Oncor using office personnel to perform bargaining unit work. If you have any instances or evidence of office personnel working in the field to restore power after a weather event please email what you have to the union hall so we can discuss the event.

Work safe and stay in touch. Until next time may God bless you, your family, and IBEW Local 69.


Bobby W. Reed

Posted on March 7, 2018 .