Craftsman Article - January 2017

Brothers and Sisters, Happy New Year! It was good to see and visit with all of you that attended a Unit Meeting this month. I would report on the nominations for our local union officers however, at the time this article is being written we still have two meetings to go before the nominations are concluded. The final two meetings of the month are scheduled for Tuesday, January 24th, in Dallas, Texas and Thursday, January 26th, in Fort Worth, Texas. After the nominations are complete the union office will get the results of the nominations to the members and the next steps to be taken.

Again, thank you, if you took the time to attend a meeting, there was plenty to talk about. Unfortunately, at this time, you like I have more questions than answers regarding the sale of Oncor Electric Delivery to NextEra. I understand that Jim Robo, Chairman and CEO of NextEra Energy, recently visited Oncor headquarters to share his vision with about one hundred company leaders. Mr. Robo gave the company leaders an overview of NextEra Energy, shared corporate values, and explained his leadership expectations. Someone stated that NextEra Energy’s core values align well with Oncor’s core values they are both committed to excellence, doing the right thing and treating people with respect. Did I hear that right? Doing the right thing and treating people with respect? That may be true at NextEra but, that has not been the case at Oncor for a long time. How is it treating people with respect when an employee gives Oncor a two week notice to leave the Company and is immediately escorted to the door and off the property? How is it treating people with respect when someone makes a mistake on a crew and Oncor fires the entire crew? How is it treating people with respect when the Business Manager of Local 69 asks permission to visit a service center to speak with a steward and upon arrival is escorted and locked in a room to wait for the steward? How is it treating people with respect when the Union wins a members job back because he was wrongfully terminated and almost a year later does not have his back pay award finalized? I could go on and on but, as I have stated many times, the Company leaders the Union deals with at Oncor, lost their moral compasses a long time ago. I look forward to speaking with Mr. Robo or anyone he designates to speak with me regarding the core values of Oncor. I look forward to working for and with people at NextEra.

As many of you know, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved NextEra’s proposed acquisition of Oncor. The next step will be hearings at the Public Utility Commission of Texas scheduled to begin February 21, 2017. Then there is the 180 day statutory timeline for change-in-control proceeding, the PUCT will have until the end of April to issue a final order in the case. I look forward to the hearings at the PUCT and meeting anyone from NextEra that is willing to talk.

Until next time may God bless you, your family, NextEra and IBEW Local 69.

Posted on February 7, 2017 .