February 2016 - Craftsman Article

Brothers and Sisters IBEW Local 69 has more great news to report. The local union was successful in defending another brother. We received word from our Attorney that the Arbitrator has ruled James Henry (WDOC - Troubleman) was wrongfully terminated and is awarded his job back with full back pay.

In November 2013 an Administrative Law Judge ruled that Oncor Electric Delivery had unlawfully terminated Bobby W. Reed (Business Manger LU 69). In August 2015 an Arbitrator ruled that Sam Goodson ( Journeyman Lineman - Brownwood ) was wrongfully terminated and awarded his job back. In October 2015 an Arbitrator ruled that Oncor had wrongfully terminated Donald Moore ( Journeyman Lineman – Jacksonville ) and he was awarded his job back with full back pay.

On or about February 22, 2016, Jim Greer wrote to Oncor employees, “Whether the PUC approves the current Hunt proposal, or some other alternative arrangement. Oncor management will continue to insist that employees are treated fairly.” What a guy, that makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over. The big problem is he says one thing and does another. Mr. Greer wrote “The IES proposal was generated by a different regime. Oncor leadership committed back in 2007 that we would not pursue such a structure again, and we continue that commitment today.”  EFH gave a commitment to the IBEW that they would not pursue such a structure for five (5) years. Now Oncor is being sold. Depending on who purchases Oncor it will determine a lot of things. Hunt Representatives has told me “nothing will change for two (2) years”.  That is when the Contract between International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union No.69 and Oncor Electric Delivery Company is up for renewal.

On February 19, 2016, IBEW Local 69 sent emails to Crew Supervisors, DOT’s, and other work groups at Oncor Electric Delivery to organize the unorganized. The organizing campaign was met with a mandatory conference call for all Crew Supervisors on Sunday, February 21, 2016. Company representatives Jim Greer, Mark Carpenter, Keith Hull, and Kyle Davis held the conference calls.

Take the time to inform your Crew Supervisors and DOT’s at your service center to go to our web site at www.ibewlocal 69.com and fill out the Representation Form that is on the home page. The form is confidential and will allow the National Labor Relations Board to decide on an election.

I would like to congratulate the Henry family for prevailing in arbitration and being made whole.

Until next time, may God continue blessing our members, our families, and our local Union.

Posted on April 4, 2016 .