June 2019 - Craftsman's Article

Brothers and Sisters we have a member at Fox 4 and Oncor that have been denied Union Representation during meetings with Management. A bargaining unit employee is entitled to have a Union Representative present at a meeting, interview or investigation if the employee reasonably believes the interview might result in discipline. This is not for the supervisor to decide however; the employee must make a clear request for representation. To request your Weingarten Rights tell the supervisor I believe this discussion could lead to my being disciplined. I therefore request that my Union Representative or Officer be present to assist me at the meeting. I further request reasonable time to consult with my Union Representative regarding the subject and purpose of the meeting. Please consider this a continuing request; without representation, I shall not participate in the discussion. I shall not consent to any searches or tests affecting my person, property, or effects without first consulting with my Union Representative. The courts have decided that your right to a witness or representative under the Weingarten case only applies if you are part of a bargaining unit. No Union – No Rights. You have the right to file a grievance. You have the right to remain silent and take what is given. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you by the Company in an arbitration hearing. You have the right to speak out in support of your Union. If you should choose not to support your rights for Union Representation you deserve what you get! If you don’t understand these rights you have the right to ask your Union Steward and Officers. As members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers we have obligated ourselves to attend meetings regularly, educate ourselves to the aims and purposes of the Labor Movement, make every effort to build our Local Union, and refrain from accepting discreditable statements against our Union without first investigating their source and the facts.

After the recent weather events in the Dallas area news papers reported that Oncor had about 1,500 Oncor employees and 500 contractors that were joined by about 2,400 workers from 11 other states, as well as hundreds of workers from elsewhere in Texas. “We’ve had to call in mutual response before, and we respond a lot” Oncor spokesman Grant Cruise said “it’s pretty standard.  … Mutual response is something the utility industry does to make sure there’s enough support.” After the other companies have had time to determine their wage, food and lodging expenses, Oncor will reimburse them, Cruise said. Two days after the storm that had three-quarters of the Oncor customers without power, I watched over a hundred trucks coming into the Dallas area on I-20 from the East. One problem with mutual assistance is many of the crews and tree trimmers did not arrive until two days after the storm. I’m sure the customers felt much better knowing help was on the way, they just didn’t know it would take days for the assistance to arrive in Dallas. Mutual response is something the utility industry does to make sure there’s enough support because, they are not staffed to handle most weather events. Everyone is working extended hours so be especially focused and never take short cuts.

At the IBEW 7th District Progress Meeting held the week of June 10th, Company Representative Kyle Davis gave President Ross McAuley and me a Company proposal to provide wage premiums to employees working West of Abilene, Texas. The Union has notified Mr. Davis we would like to begin contract negotiations as soon as possible to discuss desired changes to the Labor Agreement. After an exchange of emails we continue to wait to see if the Company is willing to begin negotiations earlier than the dates provided in the current Labor Agreement.

Officers of IBEW Local 69 have expressed concerns to the Company that the Company continues to show very little, if any respect to Union Workers or the Union Leadership. In the past Oncor’s CEO’s have taken the time to meet with Local 69 Officers to discuss issues of concern to both parties. At this time IBEW Local 69 Officers have not been introduced to Oncor’s new CEO, Allen Nye. In the past after negotiating the contract the Union and Company would sit down together and eat a covenant meal to strengthen our relationship and commitment to working together. The latest contract between Oncor and Local 69 that was ratified and signed was signed by a Company Senior Vice President the Union Officers have never met or heard of. Now that’s respect! We believe he is first cousin to Harvey the rabbit. Keep up the good work Kyle. SEMPRA where are you??????? Thanks to all Local 69 members for remaining loyal and steadfast.

The following is the schedule for the July meetings:

July 2 – Tuesday - Round Rock – 5 pm – Long Branch Saloon

July 3 – Wednesday – Waco – 5 pm – George’s


July 9 – Tuesday – Odessa – 6:30 – Elegante Hotel

July 10 – Wednesday – 5 pm - Brownwood – Buffalo Wild Wing

July 11 – Thursday – Eastland – 5 pm – Mary’s


July 16 – Tuesday – Wichita Falls – 5 pm – Oyster Bar

July 17 – Wednesday – Lufkin – 5 pm – Chili’s

July 18 – Thursday – Tyler – 5 pm – Garage Bar


July 23 – Tuesday – Dallas – 5 pm – 1408 N Washington

July 25 – Thursday – Fort Worth – Oyster Bar


Until next time may God bless you, your family, and IBEW Local 69.

Bobby W. Reed


Posted on July 1, 2019 .